What is Triathlon?

First of all we need to know why is triathlon a worldwide trend and what makes it so special.
This category formed by three sports combined (swimming, cycling and running) is being blooming for years and now moves millions of people and thousands of companies around the globe.

Triathlon environment is full of high-tech products, massive health data, performance studies and all sort of marketing campaigns.
Below the business level, where the people meet, you can feel immediately the energy, the competition spirit, the sweat, the motivation, the tears, the joy, the pain, the personal goals and the success surrounding the athletes.

And in the middle of that jungle you can expect nothing but belligerence. And nothing could be further from the truth. Triathlon is a sport where finishing the race is a victory on its own. It’s not about beating everybody. Is about beating yourself and treasure every step you go further.
Even with all that energy and adrenalin flowing through their veins, the respect to others is always present. And watching your friends race by your side, or even win, doesn’t make your victory smaller. It makes it greater.
Ready? Steady? Go!

After knowing triathlon is based in that combination of muscle power and sportsmanship we got the substratum to approach the rebranding Challenge Tricamp needed.

Several styles and many, many brands have a big role in this scenario. So to start the process it was really important to enumerate to the client the most substantial design styles and companies in a creative brief and point out those which suits better the Challenge Tricamp’s values and targets.
This company updated its brand as well as it grown. Starting as Tri Camp with a temporary wordmark they joined to the well know training brand called Challenge Family. The synergy gave birth to a less amateur logo which made its job for a while, but it was too neutral and didn't communicate enough.

Now, with the brand growing more and more, having a clear customer profile and building worldwide presence it feels refining the aesthetics is absolutely necessary.
After talking and texting with some employees, clients and people related to the company I realized everybody was referring to the brand as “Tricamp”. One only word instead of two. Creating a mark itself formed by the two words that defines the product they sell. I thought that was a great achievement as a brand and they should take advantage of that.

So I encourage them to move from Tri Camp to Tricamp and push forward this in the next campaigns.

As part of the initial briefing it was the requirement of creating some sort of a modular brand, open to evolve in short term and gradually, leaving their association behind and taking the leap to a solo venture.
Including everything mentioned in the meetings, the learning from the research and having all that in mind, the re-branding was focused and aiming a clear direction.

With such a good road map, going off track was utterly impossible. And the first attempt hit the target. The new Challenge Tricamp mark pleased everyone involved in the decision.
Creating Tricamp's environment.

The re-branding was created, from the very first sketch, with the goal of having its own visual language to create a more meaningful product and engage with the customers in a higher level than before.

Knowing the most important asset in the equation is the people, the new ecosystem should have that written in its main core.

So the athletes will now stand out and live together with the brand elements.
In the triathlon, studio photo shoots are not common and rarely able to catch the nature of this sport. Separating the people from the background, or colouring everything with a corporative palette allows the client to use those spontaneous pictures and candid moments in a more branded way.

Oblique cuts, contrasted typography as well as basic shapes based on Tricamp’s icon will be the rest of the ingredients of this recipe.
Website's UI / UX

The other part of the project was to prototype a UIX as a visual guide for a future new website where the rounded corners of the interface will contrast with the strong oblique visual language and the power of its images. 
Applying the brand

Like in every visual identity project the mockups are totally necessary to give the costumer some examples of how the mark will work on different products and canvas.

Here is some apparel, flags and tarpaulins presented to the client.
Brand guideline

Last but not least, the final task of compiling all this information in a corporative identity manual, clear enough and easy to understand for all the future providers, partners and collaborators who will apply Challenge Tricamp’s brand in all sort of products.

Thanks for watching!

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