Years ago, with the rise of the social networks and messaging programs, infinite profiles and accounts landed in our lives. For this reason I started to develope an avatar who represented me in all those new places. As I'm sure a lot of you decided to do the same.

The first sketches appeared in 2007 and they were evolving to reach the final form around 2010 and it remained unchanged until my last and actual re-branding in 2017. What it started to symbolize my person in internet it became, somehow, my representation as a designer too. Until now.

During all this time, several versions were made usually for fun reasons. Like the summer season scenery or the many outfits, with a special mention to the corporate Brawn GP race suit to celebrate Jenson's F1 Championship. Others had a purpose like the Angry bird adaptation for my twitter account or the Robot character for my Android App Developer profile.

It's satisfying to see how after 10 years these illustrations keep looking fresh and actual. Sadly I aged quicker. ;P

Retina Ready Icon Set available here.

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