Hi there! I'm David Escagedo.

A restless creative with a curious mind. A passionate designer who likes to push beyond aesthetics to build deeper and meaningful brands.

XIX Gala de l'esport 2020
Control and Comfort
The finest automated systems and user experience to simplify your life through technology. The easiest way to communicate with your home or yacht.
A brand of strong and durable equipment made for passionate workers. From the lumberer to the craftsman, BRAM provides all the necessary tools to help you to focus in what's important: gettin' the job done.
decalogos 2018
A selection of ten logos and brands without context.
Studio A·Medida
An architect studio based in Mallorca, surrounded by the Mediterranean, where they offer a warm and technical approach to architecture for those who appreciate the care on details and clever solutions to delimitate the space but not the sensations.
Escorca - lettering
This is a t-shirt for commercial purposes ordered by the municipality of Escorca. It has a custom lettering made with sharp lines inspired by the rocky silhouette of the territory. The t-shirt it's printed on eco-fabric and organic tints.
Challenge Tricamp
The re-branding process of an international brand in the triathlon business.
Microdecó is a company focused on concrete at its finest. Providing premium flooring for premium environments.
Online service based in Philippines with direct human customer service to book flights and hotels for you .
Illustration bundle 2017
Compilation of drawings and illustrations I made this last year for different clients, styles and purposes. Some were for brands, some other were for friends. All of them were for fun.
King of crowns
Design for a skateboard and some apparel based on the "King of spades" figure from the famous playing card game. A prankster approach with a more modern and clean style to this all-time classic.
Graysköl Beer
Illustration I made for fun for the hypothetical finest beer from Eternia, home of He-Man, Master of the Universe. Directly from the underground distillery at Grayskull palace, where Skeletor's minions secretly brew two different styles (Lager and IPA) of this magnificent beverage to get you all the power! We do not recommend to drink and ride Battle Cat. Safety first.
Fly MakeUp
This is a custom lettering for a Makeup artist who works under the name of Fly Makeup. The logo was based in Akira Toriyama's poop character and plays with a color palette inspired by the 70's as it was part of the briefing.
The old me
Avatar or cartoon of myself. Evolution among the years of a representative illustration of my work.
decalogos 2017
A selection of ten logos and brands without context.
Auto Tecnic
An auto repair shop certified by Jaguar to bodywork aluminium bodies and chassis.
Creative design and brand consultancy with a passionate approach on visual identity. Providing project management, graphic solutions, naming and brand guard services. A fresh perspective for a perfect branding experience!
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